About us

Piquant: Pleasantly sharp, exciting to the mind.

Piquant is a Tottenham based shop and creative studio. 

Literally an alternative to the High Street, you can find us in Gaunson House - the industrial complex that counts artists, musicians, designers and the ever-popular Craving Coffee as residents. 

Collections emanate hard-edged beauty, utilitarian design and seductive forms. From jewellery and ceramics to original art and furniture, every piece is carefully considered to catch the eye and pique the mind. 

Our off the High Street, industrial location means we're able to offer all of our pieces at under-market prices.

Piquant holds regular creative workshops and offers a range of affordable styling services for events, the workplace and the home.  

A keen eye for the eclectic and a love for confident, clean lines guides curation at Piquant. We seek out objects with the ability to give personality and sharp visual focus to a space. In our collections you’ll find a blend of mid-Twentieth Century Design furniture, modern design pieces and a selection of curios and accessories guaranteed to create a talking point in your home or on your person.

We work our connections in Parisian flea markets, Scandinavian design houses, countryside auction rooms and back yard workshops to source a unique combination of wares.  We also collaborate with new and talented designers and makers on furniture pieces exclusive to Piquant and actively showcase independent brands in store. 


About the founder

Piquant is a venture from Claire Nurden, a former policy adviser who started the brand as a creative antidote to the daily grind. It grew fast, scaling up from a market stall to shop and styling studio before the dust had settled on her resignation letter. 

Distinct taste and a sharp wit characterise her approach to interiors. She conceived Piquant as an alternative to the homogenous offering of the high- street and believes nobody should be priced out of good design. You won’t find anything in Piquant that Claire wouldn't  have in her own home.

In her own words:

“You don’t need a six figure salary, interior designer on speed dial or a showroom for a living room to make your home work for you. You need things you care about that are useful, fun or just plain sexy. Your space should say something about who you are, not who the  high-street says you should be.”